SGT Joe D. Johnson 
United States Army

161 Rock Company, 27th Engineer Battalion

MAY 7, 1986 – JUN 16, 2010   |   North Kunduz, Afghanistan

Hometown: Flint, MI

Joe’s family can give numerous examples of his fun-loving and mischievous spirit. Phone calls to his mother usually began: “Hey Mom, guess what?” She never knew what was going to come next. “I signed up for an experimental Anthrax vaccine” or “I signed up for a prototype parachute.”  Joe knew how to keep everyone on their toes and loved playing practical jokes to make others laugh.  To honor Joe’s legacy, the Johnson family established A Hero’s Legacy - The Joe Johnson Foundation.

A Hero's Legacy - The Joe Johnson Foundation - Flint, MI

Through their foundation, the Johnsons continue Joe’s fun-loving spirit and the motto that he lived by: “I live life to the fullest. You only live once. Make the best of it. Because the only regret you have in life is the risk that you didn’t take.”  Dog Tag Legacy Fund is proud to support A Hero’s Legacy - The Joe Johnson Foundation, with grant funds and nonprofit assistance.