Raise your Beer, Toast a Hero: The Crew of Vengeance 97/98

A toast to Vengeance 97/98...

On February 22, 2012 a tragic mid-air collision near Yuma, AZ took the lives of seven great Americans from Marine Light Attack Helicopter Squadron 469. For Seth Jordan, then a pilot in the squadron, this day not only changed his life but also served as the inspiration for Dog Tag Beer.

After a local San Diego brewery honored Seth’s fallen squadron mates with a limited production specialty "homage" beer, Seth wondered, “why do we need just one day to remember them? Why can’t we toast them every day?”

Thus the idea for Dog Tag Brewing was born.

Dog Tag Brewing, LLC was founded in 2013 to put the names of the fallen in the hands of America, giving the public an opportunity to “Toast a Hero.” The first batch of Dog Tag beer was brewed in April 2014, sharing the stories of 12 Fallen Warriors.

Dog Tag Brewing Foundation was formed in 2015 as a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization to inspire America to actively build and support the legacies of the fallen and to build in close collaboration with their families.

Dog Tag Brewing Foundation stands for the proposition that “never forgetting” goes beyond just remembering the fallen. It requires sharing their stories, celebrating their service, and honoring their sacrifice to build, preserve, and sustain their legacies through projects and organizations that live on in their name.

With that, here is to the crew of Vengeance 97/98:

While they left behind family and friends that loved them dearly, their legacies continue to this day. It is through their story of courage and inspiration that the Dog Tag Brewing movement is born.

We will never forget.

Lieutenant Colonel Thomas "Bull" Budrejko

Major Nathan "Gangsta" Anderson

Captain Michael "Tommy" Quin

Captain Benjamin "Tommy 27" Cerniglia

Sergeant Justin Everett

Lance Corporal Cory Little

Lance Corporal Nickoulas Elliott


Dog Tag Brewing Foundation

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