Dog Tag Brewing Foundation Announces Contribution of $120,000 in Legacy Grants

Dog Tag Brewing Foundation was created because of the desire to do more by taking an active role in helping celebrate the lives of our nation’s Fallen Warriors.

This movement is more than just a beer. It is also more than words and holiday discount specials.

This movement is about highlighting the incredible efforts that Gold Star Families take to keep their loved one's memory alive. It is also about a partnership and a hope that the rest of America will be inspired to take part in helping support these families and their initiatives.

To us, this movement is not about a special holiday, or just one weekend, to honor our Fallen.

To us, every day is Memorial Day.

Because of this and your remarkable efforts over the past year, the Dog Tag Brewing Foundation is humbled and honored to announce the contribution of $120,000 in Legacy Grants in support of 24 Gold Star Family initiatives.

This means that your support has enhanced the efforts of 24 families across our great country to carry on the legacy of their loved one. This movement does not exist without your generosity and devotion to help celebrate the lives of these extraordinary Americans.

For that, on behalf of the entire Dog Tag Brewing Foundation team, thank you!

Please take a moment this Memorial Day to remember our nation's Fallen Warriors and the incredible efforts of those friends and families that work tirelessly to keep their legacies alive.

Dog Tag Brewing Foundation

Honor. Educate. Inspire. Celebrate.

Dog Tag Brewing Foundation is a combat Veteran run non-profit that partners with Gold Star Families to celebrate the lives of our nation's Fallen Warriors.


Interested in contributing to the Foundation's mission of supporting and enhancing Gold Star Family initiatives? Please visit our Call to Action Page. Your support matters!