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Dog Tag Beer - An Update

We had an amazing meeting last week with a partner that we are collaborating with to bring #‎DogTagBeer nationwide. Thank you all for the patience and support as we work very hard to make sure everyone can take part in this movement. Please keep in touch as we will update everyone on our progress.

In the meantime, we wanted to take a few moments to describe what makes Dog Tag Beer - and your support in this movement - different.

First, 100% of the profits earned from Dog Tag Brewing, LLC are donated to the #‎DogTagBrewingFoundation. Those proceeds are then used to support and enhance Gold Star Family initiatives. We are proud to say that 93% of Dog Tag Brewing Foundation's expenses are devoted to programs that directly enhance a Gold Star Family's ability to honor their loved one's memory.

One example of that support is Dog Tag Brewing Foundation's program that offers free nonprofit guidance and startup support to Gold Star Families that have started or want to start nonprofit organizations to build and preserve the legacy of their loved one. In the open market, those services often cost over $17,000. But, thanks to the generosity of many, Dog Tag Brewing Foundation provides those at no-cost to these families.

This one-of-a-kind program highlights Dog Tag Brewing Foundation's commitment to doing what's right, while doing it right. Unique programs and sound financial stewardship ensure every contribution, every type of support, lets Dog Tag Brewing Foundation share more stories and help build more legacies.


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