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The Wingman Foundation Announces Campaign to Support Fallen Blue Angel

For those that are unfamiliar with this tragic news, Blue Angel Pilot and Marine Corps Captain Jeff "Kooch" Kuss was killed last Thursday while preparing for an upcoming air show in Tennessee.

In the wake of this tragedy, The Wingman Foundation is now accepting donations for its Captain Jeff "Kooch" Kuss Memorial Fund. 

A Plaque gets a New Home at Fort Bragg

SGT Matt Sandri and LTC Mark Taylor gave their lives in service to our nation on March 20th, 2004. A year later, a ceremony was held at Fallujah Surgical, where a plaque was dedicated to honor the lives of these men. 

Tomorrow, that plaque finds a new home as it will rededicated at a 1:00pm ceremony outside the Taylor/Sandri Medical Center at Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

Gold Star Wives Day

At Dog Tag Brewing Foundation, we are amazed - daily - by the attitude and energy of the spouses of our nation's Fallen Warriors. It is their infectious spirit that serves as inspiration for what we aim to do as an organization. Partnering with these families to help build the legacies and celebrate the lives of their loved ones is the heart and soul of the Dog Tag Beer movement.  

Wingman Foundation - Filling the Gap on Post-Mishap Assistance

In light of the tragic accident that took the lives of 12 great Americans with HMH-463, we wanted to take a moment to introduce a great organization that is helping fill the gaps in post-mishap and casualty assistance.

The Wingman Foundation honors the sacrifices of our fallen air warriors and supports the families they have left behind.

Unfortunately, military aviation remains one of the deadliest professions, even during times of peace. The team over at Wingman does an outstanding job of helping families cope in the aftermath of these unexpected tragedies.

We are honored and humbled to be collaborating with the Wingman Foundation on a few programs in the future.

Please take a moment and learn about the Wingman Foundation team and the phenomenal work they do.

"Never leave a Wingman behind."