Dog Tag Legacy Fund's leadership has served over 40 deployments in defense of our nation.  We are proud of our service and as veterans we are looking for opportunities to lead again here at home.  We, the warfighters from Iraq and Afghanistan, will take care of the families of our brothers and sisters that did not make it home, who work everyday to preserve their loved ones' legacy.

Our all-volunteer Board of Directors is comprised entirely of veterans who served in the Iraq and Afghanistan theaters in support of Operating Iraqi Freedom (OIF) and Operating Enduring Freedom (OEF). We are proud of our service and as veterans we welcome the opportunity to lead again here at home. And, most importantly, each of us is personally committed to the mission and impact of Dog Tag Legacy Fund. 

Seth Jordan

Founder & Chairman

DJ Fuller

Vice Chairman

Rodney Adams


Mike Mullen


Caleb Farrell


Mike Ferrari


Pete Lilly


Emily Miller



Bret Morriss


Chris Oliver