Cpl Matthew T. Richard
United States Marine Corps

2nd Battalion, 8th Marine Regiment

APR 1, 1990 – JUN 9, 2011 | Helmand Province, Afghanistan

Hometown: Iota, LA

Matthew loved his family, loved his friends, and loved his country. He also loved to fish, duck hunt, and hang out with his buddies.  Matthew wanted to be in the military since he was in the 2nd grade and enlisted as early as he was allowed to – one week before his 18th birthday. Matthew was an outstanding and tenacious student and was well respected by his teachers.  He was also a big football player who enjoyed the physical aspect of the game, yet he was compassionate and caring for all people and things in nature. To honor his legacy, Matthew’s family created The Cpl Matthew Richard Memorial Foundation.

The Cpl Matthew Todd Memorial Foundation - Iota, LA

Matthew’s family started out by hosting a memorial 5K run in May of 2012. After seeing the enthusiasm and support from their community, in 2014 they decided to form a nonprofit organization to continue Matthew’s legacy.  The Cpl Matthew Richard Memorial Foundation serves the local and national military community by preserving patriotism and providing financial aid to existing service organizations offering support to those in need. 

Dog Tag Legacy Fund is proud to support The Cpl Matthew Richard Memorial Foundation in honor of Matthew by providing grant funds and nonprofit assistance.