LCpl Caleb L. Erickson
United States Marine Corps

1st Battalion, 9th Marines

DEC 01, 1993 – FEB 28, 2014 |   Afghanistan

Hometown: Waseca, MN

Caleb had a smile that would brighten any ones day. Just ask his family, friends and the Marines that knew him best. If you were having a bad day, Caleb was the one to turn it around for you.  Caleb's Marine buddies thought he had a very distinctive Northern (Minnesota) accent; they nicknamed him Tots, Napoleon or Snow Bunny.  He had gotten a tattoo while in the Marines and it was an old wooden cross with dog tags hanging from it. When his mom asked him why he chose that, he said besides his family it was to represent the two things that meant a lot to him - his faith and his country.

Caleb Erickson Memorial Fund - Waseca, MN

Caleb's family keeps his legacy alive through a fund that gives scholarships at the high school he graduated from. Criteria includes being active in sports (football preferred, but Caleb also did wrestling and soccer), they should have strong faith, and an interest in pursuing a career in mechanics.  The Caleb Erickson Memorial Day started when a couple of other "Moms" asked Caleb's Mom about having an annual day to honor and remember Caleb, and to give back to our veterans, both local and statewide. Dog Tag Brewing Foundation is proud to support both the scholarship and Caleb Erickson Memorial Day with a Legacy Grant and free consulting services.