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PFC Leonard J. Gulczynski
United States Army

610th Engineer Support Company, 14th Brigade Engineer Battalion, 555th Engineer Brigade

JAN 26, 1989 – SEP 17, 2008 |  Iraq

Hometown: Carol Stream, IL

Leonard, Lenny to everyone that knew him, was a fourth generation soldier. From the time he was small, Lenny would play with his GI Joe's, or he would be in the backyard imagining he was on the battlefield. When he got a little older he had air soft guns to play with. His friends would take turns hosting the battle that was to begin. (His father still finds small multi colored round plastic balls outside the house.) Lenny was there. The battle was won.

Before Lenny could become a soldier, he first needed to finish his time at Bartlett High School. If you saw Lenny at Bartlett, he was wearing one of only a few shirts he cared to own. They were either his club’s volleyball shirt, a Bartlett shirt, or an Army shirt. The three things he truly cared about. Lenny will also be remembered for his laugh and smile, which were contagious. If you ask his friends, the first thing they will say about Lenny is, "He had a beautiful smile."


PFC Leonard J. Gulczynski Memorial Flagpole – Bartlett, IL

Our Legacy Grant funds the creation of a memorial site at Bartlett High School so that Lenny's name will live on within his community. His father explains: "When you go to the football stadium and see the new big flag, you know Lenny will always be at Bartlett. That's Lenny's flag. When you hold your hand by your heart at Bartlett you know Lenny was so proud to call Bartlett his school." - Michael Gulczynski, Gold Star Father