LCpl Shawn P. Hefner
United States Marine Corps

2nd Amphibious Assault Battalion, 2nd Marine Division

DEC 4, 1986 – NOV 13, 2009 |  Nawa, Afghanistan

Hometown: Hico, TX

The first time Shawn talked about being a Marine he was 5 years old. When the terrorist attacks of 9/11/01 occurred, Shawn was only 14 years old, but again, he spoke of becoming a Marine.  After graduating boot camp, he came back to his small hometown of Hico, Texas a different man – dressing and speaking with respect and maturity – but with the same wide smile. To honor Shawn’s legacy, his mother established Hico’s Hero.

Hico's Hero - Hico, TX

Their mission is to bring honor and comfort to mothers of the fallen by sending out handmade pins that help them share their hero’s story.  Dog Tag Legacy Fund is proud to support Hico’s Hero by providing 501(c)(3) nonprofit startup services and consulting.