SGT Alessandro L. Plutino
United States Army

B Company, 1st Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment

AUG 23, 1982 – AUG 8, 2011 |   Paktia Province, Afghanistan

Hometown: Pitman, NJ

Sandrino, as he was nicknamed, knew he wanted to be a Ranger and he did his homework to make it happen.  He was on his 6th deployment with the 75th Ranger Regiment, where he served as a rifleman, grenadier, automatic rifleman, and a Team Leader. To honor Sandrino’s legacy, his family established Honoring Sandrino’s Sacrifice Fund.

Honoring Sandrino's Sacrifice Fund - Pitman, NJ

Their mission is to honor Sandrino and to give back to our nation’s heroes and their families. They have donated over $135,000 to various organizations as well as providing scholarships at his alma mater, Pitman High School. Dog Tag Legacy Fund is proud to support Honoring Sandrino’s Sacrifice Fund with grant funds to help spread SGT Plutino’s legacy within the community.