CW2 Jarett M. Yoder
United States Army National Guard

1st Attack Reconnaissance Battalion, 104th Aviation Regiment, 28th Combat Aviation Brigade, 28th Infantry Division

NOV 10, 1986 – APR 9, 2013 |   Afghanistan

Hometown: Mohnton, PA

Jarett was a laidback but energetic man who loved outdoor activities, sitting around a campfire, and of course, flying helicopters.  He enjoyed sports and even during flight school found time to play soccer and go mountain biking. To honor Jarett’s legacy, his wife Heather has established the Jarett Yoder Memorial Fund.

Jarett Yoder Memorial Fund - Mohnton, PA

Careful thought goes into the charities that receive funding from the Jarett Yoder Memorial Fund, after thorough research and an adherence to the beliefs that Jarett held dear. Dog Tag Legacy Fund is proud to support the Jarett Yoder Memorial Fund with grant funds and with program and fundraising assistance.