SSG Daniel D. Merriweather
United States Army

16th Military Police Brigade (Airborne)

MAY 27, 1984 – JAN 13, 2010 |   Afghanistan

Hometown: Collierville, TN

Daniel loved physical fitness, cowboy boots, and big belt buckles. His mother, Pamela Finnie, says that: "Since childhood, Daniel would always bring a friend to the house who was bleeding and in need of some medical attention. I figured this had to be my calling, so I went for it!" Inspired by her son, Pamela obtained a nursing degree from Southwest Tennessee Community College. To honor Daniel's legacy, the family hosts an annual fitness fundraiser (Smash Up Fitness) to fund a nursing scholarship in Daniel's name. 

Smash-Up Fitness and SSG Merriweather Scholarship Fund - Memphis, TN

We are humbled to award a Legacy Grant to the Southwest Tennessee Community College School of Nursing to be used for the scholarship in Daniel's name and also to support the annual fundraiser that Daniel's family hosts, "Smash-Up Fitness." The event combines working out and celebrating and remembering Daniel's legacy. The nursing scholarship honors Daniel's life and courage, and helps to create a bright future for those who can use the assistance.