Capt Ryan K. Iannelli
United States Marine Corps

Marine Light Attack Helicopter Squadron 269, 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing (Forward)

APR 3, 1984 – SEP 28, 2011 |  Helmand Province, Afghanistan

Hometown: Clarksboro, NJ

Anyone who knew Ryan knew his love for the diamond. He took baseball seriously. He was never the little kid fooling around when he was out on the field. Neighbors remember hearing the little kid next door repeatedly hitting the baseball into the net all hours of the day or night. Ryan was known for driving pitchers crazy as he had an amazing record for bases stolen.  To honor Ryan’s legacy, the Iannelli family established Ryan’s 41319.

Ryan's 41319 Foundation - Clarksboro, NJ

Ryan was not only bold in serving and protecting his country, but he was steadfast about sharing his personal relationship with his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  The mission of Ryan’s 41319 is to share the values that Capt Ryan Iannelli lived by: helping those in need before helping himself, and living life with a heart of unconditional love.

Dog Tag Legacy Fund is proud to support Ryan’s 41319 with grant funds for programs and fundraising assistance to enhance and grow the foundation.