Cpl Nicholas L. Ziolkowski
United States Marine Corps

1/8 Sniper Platoon

APR 21, 1982 – NOV 14, 2004 |  Iraq

Hometown: Towson, MD

In his 22 years on this earth, Nick made a surprisingly great impact on those who knew him—and even some who didn’t. Born and raised in Baltimore, Nick attended Lida Lee Tall Learning Resources Center, Ruxton Country School and, finally, Boys’ Latin, from which he graduated in 2001. Most BL grads go on to college, but Nick had a different goal in mind. From the time he began high school, he wanted to be a Marine, to ensure that what he loved about Maryland would still be here for his children and grandchildren.

Towson U.jpg

Nicholas L. Ziolkowski Scholarship – Towson, MD

Managed by the Towson University Foundation, the Nicholas L. Ziolkowski Scholarship assists student veterans at Towson University, or those who have demonstrated commitment to making the world a better place. We are honored that this Legacy Grant will help raise awareness of the scholarship, inspire further giving towards the endowment, and most of all, share Nick's life and legacy within the community.