Raise your Beer, Toast a Hero: Devin Snyder

It may have otherwise gone unnoticed, had it not been the fact that a little four-year old girl was surging past her competition in a race at the local track. 

In boots.

It may have otherwise gone unnoticed, had it not be the fact that a lanky, thin framed girl blew past other varsity track competitors with ease.

In 8th grade.

Perhaps all of this would have gone unnoticed, but for those that knew Devin Snyder, it would have been impossible not to. Growing up, Devin became an exceptional teammate and gifted athlete. At the age of 14, her lanky build may have earned the nickname "Twiggy," but it did not take long for her to earn the respect of her teammates for her speed and determination. 

Of course, Devin would excel at both soccer and track, eventually becoming an all-county standout and a member of three championship teams during her high school track career. In 2007 and 2008, her 4 x 800 team qualified for the New York state meet.  

Devin, known for her exceptional smile and fierce determination, was motivated by new challenges and genuinely believed she could always be doing "something bigger." 

Born into a Navy family, Devin decided to take a different path from her father and oldest sister and instead decided to join the U.S. Army immediately after turning 18 years of age. Shortly after joining the Army, Devin was stationed at Fort Richardson, Alaska with the 164th Military Police Company, 793rd Police Battalion.

Devin gave her life in the service of others on June 4th, 2011 while deployed to Afghanistan. 

In the wake of their loss, Devin's family formed an organization that not only bears her name, but carries on her legacy through her life's passions. Previously, the SGT Devin A. Snyder Memorial Foundation provided support for local law enforcement agencies within Steuben County through the purchase of equipment and training. Recently, Dog Tag Brewing Foundation has assisted Devin's Foundation by attaining its tax-exempt status and has provided additional assistance on program design.

Dog Tag Brewing Foundation is also honored and humbled to support the SGT Devin A. Snyder Memorial Foundation as a recipient of a 2016 Legacy Grant.  

For all that knew her, Devin was different. She wanted to cut her own path and always believed in striving for the "next big thing." Whether she was winning races in boots or making a difference in the Army, everyone took notice.  

Please join us and raise a toast. Here is to you Devin!



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