Gold Star Wives Day

Determined. Resolute. Passionate.

These are just a few words (of many) that can describe a Gold Star Spouse. Following unexpected heartache and tragedy, these families find a way not just to cope with the loss, but to eventually thrive in the wake of it. 

At Dog Tag Brewing Foundation, we are amazed - daily - by the attitude and energy of the spouses of our nation's Fallen Warriors. It is their infectious spirit that serves as inspiration for what we aim to do as an organization. Partnering with these families to help build the legacies and celebrate the lives of their loved ones is the heart and soul of the Dog Tag Beer movement.  

          The Gold Star and Next of Kin Lapel Pin

Today, on Gold Star Wives day, we would like to take a moment to recognize those spouses that have lost a loved one in service to our grateful nation.

If you are out and come across someone wearing a lapel pin or displaying a service flag, don't be afraid to take a moment to say hello. You might be surprised at how excited they are to share a story or two with you about their Warrior. 

                  The Service Flag

Dog Tag Brewing Foundation

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Dog Tag Brewing Foundation is a Veteran run nonprofit that partners with Gold Star Families to celebrate the lives of our nation's Fallen Warriors.